A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore


 A Brand New Short Story, Just In Time for Christmas!

This delightful holiday misadventure reunites the characters of Diz and Clarissa, exactly one year after the events chronicled in the award-winning short story, “Nevermore!” which is included in the story collection, Sidecar.

It’s Christmas Eve, and an old fashioned blizzard has descended upon the city of Baltimore, wreaking havoc on everyone’s yuletide celebrations. Diz and Clarissa—the Nick and Nora of lesbian fiction—wrestle with time, the elements, a stolen minivan, a cranky Christmas tree salesman, and each other to bring a spot of much-needed joy to a lonely widow. It’s hijinks, love, and Schnitzel on ice in this irrepressible holiday romp.

Availalable in epub, mobi, & pdf formats—get this frisky little electronic stocking stuffer at the following locations:


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  1. Hi there, Svetla! Alas, no…but I could send you a PDF version and you could print it out?

    Happy, happy holidays!


      • Svetla on February 23, 2013 at 3:41 pm
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      Hi Ann,
      It would be great if I could read it printed. I’ve had problems with my PC, so I found your answer a little late. But with another snow calamity it still feels like Christmas here.
      Thanks a lot in advance – I’ll buy it anyway, if you include it sometimes in another collection.
      Have a nice weekend!
      Svetla (a Czech fan, imprisoned home by snow)

    • Svetla on December 23, 2012 at 8:09 am
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    Hi Ann,

    Is the story “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore” going to be in print? I love your books, have them all, but I am not fan of screen reading.

    Have a nice Christmas!

    Svetla (your Czech fan)

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