Blended Family Christmas

threeDiz and Clarissa Are Back for the Holidays!

In 2011, Ann McMan introduced readers to the heart and hijinks of Diz and Clarissa in her award winning short story, “Nevermore.” And in 2012, she took us back for more with the novella, “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore.” And now she announces the release of the complete tales of Diz and Clarissa in her compilation Three.

Three contains the previously released pieces, “Nevermore” and “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore,” along with the newest story, “Blended Families.” This year, Diz and Clarissa face yet another Christmas Eve storm—only this one is full of snow, freezing temperatures, and family…lots  and lots of family.

Join Diz and Clarissa as they welcome Bernard and Elspeth Wiley, Art and Maggie Gillespie, brother Father Frank, Marty, Sister Sheila, Christa, one felonious Siberian Husky and her three pint-sized henchmen, and a well-dressed, neurotic Whippet named Maris.

Available in eBook and paperback formats—just in time for Christmas.,, and all of your favorite indie bookseller outlets.

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