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“By faith, the walls of Jericho fell down…”

— Hebrews 11:30

Librarian Syd Murphy flees the carnage of a failed marriage by accepting an 18-month position in Jericho; a small town located in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. Intending to hide out and heal her wounds, she soon becomes drawn into the daily lives of a quirky cast of local characters, and she becomes fast friends with Maddie Stevenson, the enigmatic local physician who has returned to the backcountry community to take over her late father’s medical practice.

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Or listen as she’s interviewed by Cheri and the Rev in a memorable episode of The Cocktail Hour.

Jericho was awarded a 2012 Alice B. Lavender Certificate, the 2011 Lesbian Fiction Reader’s Choice Awards for Favorite Romance Book and Favorite General Fiction Book, and 2012 Rainbow Honorable Mention Awards for Best Lesbian Contemporary Fiction and Best Lesbian Debut Novel.

Jericho was The Atheneum’s #7 Story of 2011, and a Finalist for the Golden Crown Literary Society 2012 Ann Bannon Award. It was voted by Goodreads Readers as #69 on Autostraddle’s “100 Best Lesbian Fiction & Memoir Books of All Time”.

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  1. ItsASecret

    Just finisher reading Jericho. I enjoyed every single page of it. Can’t wait to start reading Aftermath. Keep it up Ann. Good luck

  2. Geoffrey

    Hello, this my sound strange for a straight male college student in his 20’s too say but, it has to be said. You are a spectacular writer. I found Jericho by accident when I was reading a web comic called “Go Get a Roomie” It’s very strange but very good. On the comic’s web site, I found links for people who reviewed the comic; that’s when I stumbled upon a site called, “goodlesbianbooks.com” I’m not kidding. Anyway, I decided to explore the site and as I was scrolling through the reviews I spotted your book, Jericho. The title got my attention so I read the review and I started to fall in love with the characters almost immediately. I ordered a copy through Barnes and noble and in 6 day’s time, I found Jericho on my door step.

    I loved every single second I read Jericho, it was moving, funny, touching, and above all fun. I normally don’t like romance, I occasionally get an itch to read one every now and then; but this was … I can’t really describe how much I love Jericho. It’s just awesome. I look forward to your up coming work.

  3. Jasper

    I loved Jericho and can’t wait to read the sequel Aftermath. You have a wonderful way with words and I can picture the town and people as if they are old friends of mine.

    1. Ann McMan

      I hope it lives up to your expectations! I can only tell you that they’ve all been VERY busy in the past year….

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