Jun 08

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Bottle Caps and Bass Boats

Writing is all about paying attention, and creating connections between unlikely subjects. Of course, this is also what psychosis is about, but that’s another story.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (too much, in fact) about what those crazy authors from SIDECAR’s “Bottle Rocket” might get up to if they spent…say…two weeks together at a writer’s retreat in some remote, small-town-America location. So I have a thought: let’s find out.

Enter my new work-in-progress, BACKCAST.

Here’s the setup…. The CLIT-Con 13 gather at a country inn in northern Vermont to help sculptor, Barb Davis, pull together an NEA grant-funded exhibition that combines original art with literary nonfiction narratives.

Imagine The Parent Trap on crack.

While there, the girls decide to enter the Lake Champlain Bass Open — New England’s largest and most prestigious bass fishing tournament.

It’s lesbians, longnecks, high art, and hopped-up bass boats — with a tomato aspic chaser!

And it will be coming your way RIGHT AFTER I FINISH AFTERMATH.*


* my publisher made me add this….

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  1. JLynn

    Fabulous new site, darling. Who does your interior decorating? And, wherever did you acquire an Indentured Minion? eBay? Craigslist? I’d love to get a few of my own.

    Given the hilarity of Bottle Rocket, I can’t wait to see what you do with Backcast, but do finish Aftermath first; I imagine you’ll hear a chorus of agreement that we all need another Syd/Maddie fix soon.

    1. Ann McMan

      The FAMOUS JLynn needs a “few” minions? Well. I guess you DO have all that lush topiary to maintain on the front forty….I don’t know HOW you managed to pull off that Stations of the Cross motif with Yews and Japanese privets — however, the “I thirst” shrub does seem to be wilting. Was that by design???

  2. Hannah

    Great news!

    1. Ann McMan

      I hope the rest of the civilized world will agree with you, Hannah!

  3. Charlotte

    I am so glad you send out a fair warning! Leaves time for much anticipation! Love your writing!:)

    1. Ann McMan

      It’s true, Charlotte. Start shopping for trail mix and bottled water today! Oh…you might also need a few cases of Cheetos. Just sayin’.

  4. Pam

    The connections are definitely intriguing. Anxious to see you make this happen. Good luck Ann.

    1. Ann McMan

      I’m anxious, too, Pam. Sigh. I probably need to have my meds re-balanced again….

  5. Salem West

    Can’t wait until you get your hands on BACKCAST….Vermont will never be the same!!!!

    1. Ann McMan

      Salem, Vermont will never be the same when they realize that you have a suitcase full of kudzu….

      1. Salem West

        Ann, dear, we’ve had this discussion before—that’s not kudzu, it’s field greens….and they’re lovely with a caper and champaign vinigrette.

        1. Indentured Minion

          She’s still fighting the whole “vegetable” thing, isn’t she? How’s the progress going with the egg plant?

          1. Salem West

            It’s…it’s…oh, well, I just can’t talk about it.

            1. Barrett

              Indentured minion, have you tried using a blenderized version or food die? just a thought. There’s also hypnosis…

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