Lightning Bugs and Rhubarb Pie


Summer corn in Indiana

Maybe it’s because the thermometer read eight degrees when I got up this morning?

[N.B. That’s eight degrees Fahrenheit. In North Carolina.]

Or maybe it’s because I still have an insatiable fascination with this new SoundCloud gizmo?

Or maybe it’s because I felt like I owed it to everyone who indulged me with that chapter from Jane Austen?


Lucy, on the Job

Whatever the catalyst was, I found myself longing for one of those hot, summer days…the kind you only get down here. Or in places like Princeton, indiana, where our newest book, Hoosier Daddy is set.

And for just a few minutes, I fantasized about how nice it would be to walk out onto the porch and see a sea of lightning bugs—blazing across the lawn. Instead, I stood inside the kitchen and looked out the window at our Siberian Husky, Lucy, as she scanned the street from her trusty Coolaroo. Her even, white puffs of breath hung in the air above her head like a halo. She was on the job, and didn’t seem to be minding the cold one bit. After all…for Lucy, eight degrees felt like a Spring day in Minsk.

But I wanted something else. Something warmer. Something softer.

And I had this SoundCloud thing….

So I decided to dip into one of the warmest places I know: Southern Indiana in the middle of July.

The following selection comes from Chapter 5 of Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance, and takes place after El has met Friday’s beloved Grammy for the first time. The two women go for a stroll after dinner, and pause to admire the rhubarb patch behind the garage.



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    • SL on January 24, 2014 at 6:54 pm
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    Besides the fact that there are folks here in UT that have never left the state, there are kids here who do not know what fireflies and wooly worms are. I used to read at the primary school, a great joy for all the voices and WV colloquialism in my head, but would have to occasionally stop and explain things like such. Happy Mid Ohio Valley memories. Enjoy your summer reminiscing and thanks for the read aloud.

    1. Hey…ANY time! Telemarketers stopped calling me because I read chapters to them over the phone… It works like a charm!

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