Everything I Need to Know About Writing I Learned from Jane Austen

You all believe that, right? But, it’s true. This by no means is intended to suggest that I routinely apply everything I learned, or that my sage works of fiction stand like obelisks in an honored row, extolling the greatness of Austen’s prose. Certainly, they do not. But they would if I could. And that …

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The Collaboration Dating Game with McMan and West

The Interviews: Ann McMan and Salem West Talk About Writing Hoosier Daddy   When people kept asking about what really happened behind the curtain when Ann and Salem sat down to write Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance, the author Barrett decided to take matters into her own hands. Pop on over to Barrett’s blog to …

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Too Lesbian.

“It’s too lesbian.” Is that a loaded phase, or what? I mean, we’ve all heard about loaded baked potatoes. And new cars that are loaded with options. Guns are loaded, too. And if memory serves, my dear, departed father was frequently loaded—especially on Christmas Eve, when the threat of so much “family” intimacy was more …

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Blended Family Christmas

Diz and Clarissa Are Back for the Holidays! In 2011, Ann McMan introduced readers to the heart and hijinks of Diz and Clarissa in her award winning short story, “Nevermore.” And in 2012, she took us back for more with the novella, “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore.” And now she announces the release of …

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Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance Published

Ride along with authors Ann McMan and Salem West as they join forces to take you on an all-expenses paid journey through the heartland of America in this sweet, smart, and funny look at life and love in the lower Midwest. “Jill Fryman (Friday to her friends) is a line supervisor at a truck manufacturing …

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Jericho and Aftermath Available in Hardcover Editions

Several years ago, when I sat down and started to write what would become my first novel, Jericho, my only thought was that I wanted to see if I could do it. I’d spent years reading some wonderful (and a few not-so-wonderful) stories about strong and smart lesbians that were posted for free at The …

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