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A torrent, by definition, is not illegal – they are much like ZIP files except they contain things like books, games, movies, and music.

HOWEVER, many sites exist where copyrighted material is illegally posted for free download—chief among them are:  The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrent Reactor, Torrent Crazy, IsoHunt, Torrentz, Fulldls, Sumo Torrent, Broken Controllers, H33T, Torrent Portal, Bitsnoop, Seedpeer, Lime Torrents, Your Bit Torrent, Torrent Downloads, Monova, EBookEE, Torfinder, Torentilo, The Books Bay, Torrentvia, Fenopy, BtLoft, Torrent Hound, Many Torrents, TorrentR, BtMon, BitTrend, and Owners Guide PDF.

When you illegally download one of my books or any material from any other author, artist, musician, or game developer, you are stealing and it is a crime.

It really and truly is THAT simple.

I can’t make you stop, but if you want to legally read my stories for free, I encourage you to visit your local library, or visit The Athenaeum and The Royal Academy of Bards.  The great thing about The Athenaeum and The Royal Academy of Bards is that you’ll find free stories from hundreds of authors that you can access legally.

You can also purchase my published books from any number of indie bookstores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo eBooks.

Thanks for taking time to read this message, and doing what you can to stop piracy.

Ann McMan

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