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Everything You Wanted To Know About Ann McMan, Famous Author

Step right up, and look inside! That’s right—it’s been a big week for AMFA, as she sat down for an interview with Jody Klaire, author of The Emapth, and then wrote up guest blogs for both Women and Words and The Liz McMullen Show. Jody Klaire’s Inky Inspiration Blog: Join Jody as she quizzes Ann on …

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Kick the Can

Remember the childhood games you played during those magical hours between supper and bedtime? I do. Of course, grown ups and all other old people called this time of day the gloaming—scary words used to describe that thin space between day and night. It was the time when things lost their definition and melted together …

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A Look Under The Hood With Marianne K. Martin

Blog Tour Exclusive with Trailblazer, Marianne K. Martin I would like to thank the wonderfully talented author, Sally Bellerose, for tagging me for this blog tour. If you have not read Sally’s book, The Girl’s Club, you are missing a real treat. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her next book, Fish Wives, which she describes …

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Three Named Goldie Finalist

  Ann McMan’s best-selling holiday omnibus, Three, has been named as a Golden Crown Literary Society Award finalist under the Anthology/Collection (Fiction) category. Winners will be announced during a ceremony at the Red Lion Hotel On The River – Jantzen Beach in Portland, OR on July 12, 2014.  

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Everything I Need to Know About Writing I Learned from Jane Austen

You all believe that, right? But, it’s true. This by no means is intended to suggest that I routinely apply everything I learned, or that my sage works of fiction stand like obelisks in an honored row, extolling the greatness of Austen’s prose. Certainly, they do not. But they would if I could. And that …

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The Collaboration Dating Game with McMan and West

The Interviews: Ann McMan and Salem West Talk About Writing Hoosier Daddy   When people kept asking about what really happened behind the curtain when Ann and Salem sat down to write Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance, the author Barrett decided to take matters into her own hands. Pop on over to Barrett’s blog to …

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