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Sixty-Six Degrees, With a Chance of Snow

Welcome to January in North Carolina. I don’t have A.D.D., but I am finding it hard to concentrate today. My desk is right next to a window, and I catch myself staring out at the landscape every two seconds, just to see if a stray snowflake might be drifting by. So far, no dice. This …

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“The Next Big Thing”—Blog Hop 2012

As part of The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I was tagged by Barrett in her post last week. The purpose of this hop is to introduce readers to writers and works that might be unfamiliar. This includes new releases or Works in Progress (WIP).  This is week 24 of the hop. So it’s kinda like a …

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Largemouth Bass and a Few Wild Hares

I remember when Elizabeth Bennet tried to fill a conversational vacuum by commenting upon the “wild grandeur of scenery” that surrounded the grounds of Mr. Darcy’s estate at Pemberley. Well, there have been few conversational lapses during the first of my two weeks here on the shores of Vermont’s Lake Champlain—and there certainly has been …

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Bottle Caps and Bass Boats

Writing is all about paying attention, and creating connections between unlikely subjects. Of course, this is also what psychosis is about, but that’s another story. I’ve been thinking a lot lately (too much, in fact) about what those crazy authors from SIDECAR’s “Bottle Rocket” might get up to if they spent…say…two weeks together at a writer’s retreat in …

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