“The Next Big Thing”—Blog Hop 2012

As part of The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, I was tagged by Barrett in her post last week.

The purpose of this hop is to introduce readers to writers and works that might be unfamiliar. This includes new releases or Works in Progress (WIP).  This is week 24 of the hop.

So it’s kinda like a chain letter with authors. At first, when I heard about this, I hoped that IHop would be involved—especially that one in Austin, Texas, where Josette works (it’s a long story). But, sadly…you don’t get any pancakes if you read these—just insights into what makes us tick.

But if you’d really rather have pancakes—let me know and we’ll work something out.

According to the rules of the hop, I will be answering some questions (the same ones for every other blog hopper) about either my newest release or my WIP and then at the bottom of the post I’ve listed authors who will do the same thing in their blogs next Wednesday, December 12th.

All right then – let’s get started!


What is the working title of your book?


 Where did the idea come from for the book? 

I wanted to write a full-blown sequel to my novella, “Bottle Rocket” (part of the story collection Sidecar). I fell in love with the fictional authors who comprised the “CLIT Con 13,” and thought it would be fun to reunite them for some additional hijinks.

The premise is that all of them meet up at a writer’s retreat in northern Vermont, to help sculptor Barb Davis with an NEA grant that involves artwork and written narratives that explore “Transitions” in women’s lives. While there, the girls get a wild hare and decide to enter the Lake Champlain Bass Open—a tournament fishing competition with a $250,000 purse. Of course, none of them has ANY fishing experience—but they don’t let a little thing like that stand in their way.

You can probably imagine the rest….


What genre does your book fall under? 

Oh my…you tell me! My publisher keeps asking me the same questions about my stuff! General fiction with a small side of romance? General psychosis? Whatever it is, I am certain that scientists are hard at work developing drug therapies that will cure me.


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? 

In Backcast? Oh, lordy. Who could say? ALL of them??? I mean…since there are THIRTEEN protagonists. Grab the Actor’s Equity log and take your pick!


What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Thirteen lesbian authors at a remote writer’s retreat decide to take a break from their prose work and enter a tournament bass fishing competition—resulting in romance, hilarity, mistaken identity, and apocalyptic property damage.


What is the longer synopsis of your book?

See “idea” response above! I tend to jump the gun….


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

It will be published by Bedazzled Ink—just like all of my other books. Unless I FINALLY cave in and talk to the chick from Scribners who keeps calling me every ten seconds…. [Claudia? Did you read that???]


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

I’ll let you know in May! In fact, I’m working on it right now. I only just got started, since Aftermath (the sequel to Jericho) just got released two weeks ago!


Who or What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to work on something that would be a nice break from Aftermath, which was taxing and took a lot out of me. I think Backcast will be light and fun—and it gives me the chance to write about the place I love most on the planet: Vermont.


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Backcast will also have a serious side. Spliced in between the “funny” chapters will be the twelve, dramatic first-person narratives—one by each author—detailing seminal moments from their own “transitions” as women. Those will be the most difficult and time consuming sections of the book to write. When they are combined with the comedic chapters, the end result should be unique and, I hope, interesting.

I like the double entendre of the title—”backcast” is s fishing term for a type of double-whammy, fly-fishing style, casting technique. It also refers to the story behind the story—or the double-narrative of the book. “Backcast” is also the name of a local, microbrew beer…and we all know how much V. Jay-Jay LOVES those bottle caps….


Next Wednesday, Dec. 12, check out these wonderful author’s blogs to find out about their Next Big Thing.

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