The B-Roll

These pages present a little “Bottle Rocket” back story.

Ann McMan is conducting a series of conversations with each of the authors featured in “Bottle Rocket,” the novella that anchors her story collection, SIDECAR.

Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with each one of the zany CLIT-Con 13 authors as they gear up for their next rollicking adventure in the upcoming novel, BACKCAST—a no-holds-barred look at high art and tournament bass fishing…not necessarily in that order.

In each edition, a member of the  CLIT-Con 13 will share her views about life, love, writing, and contract negotiations gone horribly wrong.

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V. Jay-Jay Singh(s) Like a Canary

ANN McMAN.  I’m here this morning with bestselling spec fiction author, V. Jay-Jay Singh. V. Jay-Jay is the author of the four, hugely successful Gyno Galaxy books, published by Electra Imprints. V. Jay-Jay, thanks for taking the time to talk with me this morning. V. JAY-JAY SINGH. You’re welcome, Anne. It’s good to be here. …

Viv, Actually

I’m here today with two-time Golden Calf™ winner Vivien K. O’Reilly, author of the hugely successful Cal Callaghan Detective Series. When she’s not hard at work crafting her next romantic thriller, Viv spends her days here—at the California State Insurance Commissioner’s Office in Sacramento. ANN McMAN: Vivien, thanks so much for agreeing to meet with …

Quinn-tessentially Yours

I’m in London this week. The Olympics are over, and most of the fanfare and hoopla have died down. Only a cluster of sidewalk vendors hawking cut-rate curry and Olympic memorabilia are left to remind us of the astounding wins and epic losses that played out across the world stage from these hometown venues just …

Dog Daze of August

This week, I’m visiting the sprawling and nicely appointed Piedmont Dog Park in Atlanta’s Virginia Highlands neighborhood. It’s a balmy, Sunday afternoon in August—but there’s a breeze blowing in from the south (probably thanks to Hurricane Isaac), and the tree canopy in this part of the park is providing lots of welcome shade. The park …

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