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When book critic, Kate Winston, deems the best-selling novel by debut author, Shawn Harris, “Simply Offal,” things get out of hand quickly. Shawn’s angry fans keep crashing the online magazine that Kate works for, and Kate’s fans retaliate by spamming Amazon with toxic reviews of Shawn’s book. It’s a pissing contest of epic proportions until Shawn’s publicist gets the brilliant idea to pit them against each other in the plenary session of the biggest lesbian fiction conference of the year. Sparks and fists fly as Shawn and Kate and their legions of loyal fans descend upon San Diego for a legendary literary throw down.

The novella Bottle Rocket was previously released as a part of Ann McMan’s award-winning short story collection, Sidecar. However, an avalanche of readers requested that it be released seperately, so here it is, all grown up and on its own.

Bottle Rocket includes a special sneak peak of Backcast, the sequel and further adventures of Bottle Rocket’s CLIT-Con 13. Backcast will be published in 2014, so be on the lookout!

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