Civil Disobedience

Winston-Salem, NC | 03-20.

Let’s face it—times are tough and the COVID-19 virus has everyone a little rattled.

Good folks all over the world are sheltering in place, our healthcare workers and first responders are overburdened, financial markets are plummeting, and people everywhere are out of work. And worst of all, bookstores, restaurants, borders, and libraries are all closed.

But we still believe that a little bit of laughter can help ease the fear and uncertainty we’re all wrestling with these days.

In that spirit, Ann McMan & Bywater Books have teamed up to bring you a comic tincture that we hope will brighten your days and nights of social distancing . . .

Just click here to download your free MP3 copy of Ann McMan’s Diz and Clarissa tale, Civil Disobedience (and how to dress for it).

Civil Disobedience is a rollicking tale of madness and misadventure, set against a backdrop of social consciousness, a peaceful protest gone terribly wrong, and, of course, a major early season snowstorm. Join Diz, Clarissa, the three chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, and Teddy), and a marauding Siberian husky named Sadie in this heartwarming tale that reminds us all of the magic that happens when families join together.

The best part?


This free story is narrated by the amazing voice actor, Christine Williams.

We hope you enjoy it!

Civil Disobedience (and how to dress for it) was first published in the 2018 anthology, We’ve Got the Power: Stories by Lesbians Who Vote (collected by KG MacGregor and Susan X Meagher). This is the first and only audio edition of this short story.

For more rollicking adventures of Diz and Clarissa, please check out Ann McMan’s award-winning short story collection, Three (plus one), which is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.