A Passage to…Canada?

So, I’ve been trying to get a new Passport. I had one eons ago—but it expired…along with most of my aspirations for world travel, and eighty percent of my muscle tone. I often wonder if there’s a relationship between these two things—but that’s probably a topic for another day. At any rate, as a native …

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The Jewelle of Minnehaha

Well, I didn’t bring home any hardware (unless you count that socket wrench set I found beneath the sofa cushion in the lobby bar) — but I had a wonderful time, nonetheless. Ellen Hart and Elizabeth Sims are accomplished authors who conducted fabulous workshops. I learned some useful things about “hook and pull” techniques—and, no…not …

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How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm, once they’ve seen…Minneapolis?

Yeah, you betcha. I’ve never been to the Twin Cities, and I confess that it seems strange to be arriving at this year’s GCLS conference in any conveyance other than a Cutlass Ciera. But as hard as we tried, we couldn’t find a nonstop Oldsmobile leaving from Charlotte on Wednesday night. Salem even offered to …

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Bottle Caps and Bass Boats

Writing is all about paying attention, and creating connections between unlikely subjects. Of course, this is also what psychosis is about, but that’s another story. I’ve been thinking a lot lately (too much, in fact) about what those crazy authors from SIDECAR’s “Bottle Rocket” might get up to if they spent…say…two weeks together at a writer’s retreat in …

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Sidecar Released

SIDECAR, featuring the all-new novella “Bottle Rocket” is now available! A fast, funny, and wholly satisfying compilation of short stories filled with the same rich detail, witty humor, jagged verbal jousting, and joyous intellectual tête-à-tête that are Ann McMan’s calling cards.Reconnect with Syd, Maddie, and the Jericho gang in “V1: A Valentine’s Day Odyssey,” as a sweet …

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Appearances – Past & Present

June 13-17, 2012 – Ann appeared at the Golden Crown Literary Conference in Minneapolis, MN. She participated in a panel with authors Lori Lake, Ellen Hart, and Elizabeth Sims, and read the first chapter of her novella, “Bottle Rocket”, from her new book of short stories, SIDECAR.  The highlight of the Con for Ann was presenting the 2012 …

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