V1: A Valentine’s Day Odyssey—Listen for Free

by | Nov 3, 2019 | News

Alex Woods and Erin Lillis teamed up to create the Sapphic Cast, a lesbian fiction anthology podcast highlighting writers of fan fiction and genre stories. Their debut podcast from February 14, 2019, was Episode 101 : Ann McMan, V1, A Xena Uber Valentine’s Story.

This short story was originally published on The Royal Academy of Bards and The Athenaeum in January 2011.

It’s also available as part of the Ann McMan’s award-winning short story collection, Sidecar.

Or, you can listen to this free Sapphic Cast podcast via any of the following sites:

The Lesbian Talkshow

Apple Podcasts






To learn more about Alex, Erin, and the journey of the Sapphic Cast, please visit Women and Words to read their awesome article—you’ll even get to meet Snipps the Duck.