Ann McMan Awarded Alice B. Medal

Author Ann McMan, has been awarded the 2017 Alice B. Medal by the Alice B. Awards Committee.

The Alice B. Awards Committee is a mostly anonymous group of lesbians living in southern Arizona and Ohio who are avid readers.

The award is made possible by money supplied by an anonymous donor. The donor and the committee share a common goal: To reward and thank writers of lesbian fiction for their contribution to the lesbian community, culture, and identity.

The Alice B. Medal is given annually to living writers who have careers distinguished by consistently well-written stories about lesbians. The award is given once, only, in appreciation of career achievement. In addition to the medal, each recipient is given a lapel pin and a gift of a $500.

Past recipients include noted authors, Carol Anshaw, Ann Bannon, Alison Bechdel, Katherine V. Forrest, Nicola Griffith, Ellen Hart, Lee Lynch, Marianne K. Martin, KG MacGregor, Val McDermid, Susan X. Meagher, Marijane Meaker, Lesléa Newman, Jane Rule, Joanna Russ, Ann Allen Shockley, and Sandra Scoppettone.

Other 2017 Alice B. Medal recipients include award-winning romance author, Melissa Brayden, and mystery writer, Jaye Maiman.

Ann McMan is the author of six novels and two story collections. She is the recipient of both the Alice B. Lavender Certificate for Outstanding Debut Novel and the Alice B. Medal for her distinguished body of work. Ann is a four-time winner of the Golden Crown Literary Award, her novel, Backcast, was a 2016 IPPY medalist, and her novel, Hoosier Daddy, was a 2014 Lambda Literary Award finalist. An award-winning graphic designer, she resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with her wife, Salem West.



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    • Anne on July 8, 2018 at 8:22 pm
    • Reply

    Hello, thank you so much for the beautiful Jericho series…I just finished Goldenrod and really hope there will eventually be a next book…please tell me there will be! We have to be there with Syd and Maddie for their wedding, and find out what happens to Dorothy! Anyway, thank you for representing “family” in a positive way; that being gay isn’t the main focus, but the love story and the story of a town is.

    • Jean-Pierre Limodin on March 3, 2017 at 11:59 am
    • Reply

    I know, I read several books by Melissa Brayden but I wanted to point out the typo …

    I eagerly await Goldenrod, ever since it was first announced for mid February, hope it won’t be delayed again.

    1. An honest mistake. I’ll correct the graphic as soon as I can—thanks for catching it.

      The book was delayed because of causes outside of Ann’s control, she’s writing every single day, and very excited about the characters and their stories.

    • Jean-Pierre Limodin on March 3, 2017 at 5:19 am
    • Reply

    Who is Melissa Braydon?

    1. Hello, Jean-Pierre! Melissa Braydon is a talented lesbian romance writer, and a truly wonderful person. Visit her website for more information:

      Also, just so you know, Ann McMan will be releasing the third book in the Jericho series in July, we hope you love it!

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