The Collaboration Dating Game with McMan and West

The Interviews:

Ann McMan and Salem West Talk About Writing Hoosier Daddy


Salem & AnnWhen people kept asking about what really happened behind the curtain when Ann and Salem sat down to write Hoosier Daddy: A Heartland Romance, the author Barrett decided to take matters into her own hands. Pop on over to Barrett’s blog to read both sides of the story in this twisted version of The Dating Game. The interview with Ann was posted on January 7th, and Salem’s interview was posted on January 9th.

Words of Barrett – The McMan and West Interviews


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    • Jeanne Doherty on January 16, 2014 at 2:04 pm
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    Hi Honey!!!!

    Love your website and your picture. I guess this is the best chance Tim and I have at seeing you both. Which of your novels should I read next – I’ve only read Jericho.

    Hope you are taking it easy in 2014.


    1. Hello there, former neighbor! I ran into your TOO lovely husband (literally) in the grocery store about a week ago. In fact, he rammed into me with his cart…intentionally, of course. We do miss you guys! By all means…read Aftermath next! It’s the sequel to Jericho. Let me know what you think! Miss you guys!

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